Epson F2000 DTG Printer A Direct to Garment Printer Review

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If you are looking for the easiest DTG printer to set-up, operate, and maintain, then the all new Epson F2000 DTG printer is the ideal printer for you! It is designed to be used at home, at work, and even at event-site locations. The Epson F2000 uses the most advanced imaging technology available - pioneered by Epson. This specialized direct-to-garment printer uses the new and specialized Epson MicroPiezo? TFP? print head. This new DTG print head is combined with an all new direct-to-garment ink technology ? Epson UltraChrome DG. The Epson SureColor F2000 DTG series will become the new benchmark in high-performance garment imaging. And when you purchase the Epson SureColor F2000 DTG from Lawson, you will get a lot more than just a printer-in-a-box. You will also receive free training, ink, instructions and a personal DTG printing coach that will help you every step of the way in using this great and easy-to-use t-shirt printer.


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